Monday, June 2, 2014

PAD #10: 'Cuz Sundays are Blurg

Yeah, I know.  I missed a day.  It was a slow and lazy Sunday, and my cold was making me feel all bleh.  I think I'm just gonna take Sundays off in general, just a day to relax and do whatever.  Like re-watch old Grumps episodes or Futurama reruns. :3

Got into a pre-screening for Edge of Tomorrow.  It was... not bad.  Not great, but not bad.  I guess my main gripe is that they took what could potentially have been an interesting story and just kinda didn't do anything with it.  Without wishing to spoil anything, the ending didn't really do it for me, either.  I'd compare it to the same reason that the ending to The Dark Knight Rises kinda turned me off.  The action scenes are good, so we're gonna re-tread my thoughts on the latest X-Men movie with the ole "If you don't care about story you'll probably like it".  I tend to get that impression with a lot of movies, you'd almost think that movies were a terrible medium for storytelling if it weren't for that occasional gem that just blows me outta the water.  Rare moments like Nightmare Before Christmas, or Paranorman, where I just can't help but fall in love with the characters.

Absolutely loving Wildstar so far.  Unfortunately my computer doesn't agree with me on that notion.  Perhaps it's time to start saving-up for a replacement.  My current build has actually lasted quite a while for being a quick patch job to get a computer back up and running.  It's lasted long enough that I've actually forgotten what broke that I needed to replace.  Even putting Wildstar aside, though, she's been showing her age recently.  Seems with every game I get, I have to turn the settings down just a little bit more than before.  Ole girl's been having issues caching properly, too.  So it's making some games really choppy at the start until all the assets are loaded, and then gets choppy again if something new comes along (which can be easy in an MMO where you can bump into classes with different abilities, or even the same class using a different build).

Talked to an old coworker the other day, and I'm thinking I might go back to driving.  It wasn't a great job, but it paid decently and kept me on my feet pretty well.  Between my hours being cut at my current job, and my computer quickly showing her age, I'll need to find something.  Admittedly, I do kinda miss delivering pizzas, some days.  Something about being able to drive around during the nicer days that made the lousy days worth enduring, mixed with the pay being fairly good for the effort.  It's hell on the car, but at the same time pays enough to keep-up with maintenance for the most part.  I dunno, something for me to consider.

Well, I guess that's that for tonight.  I'm gonna get in another hour or two of Wildstar before turning-in for good.  C'ya tomorrow.

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