Monday, June 23, 2014

PAD #26: The First Step to Fixing a Bad Habit...

Crap, is it a new week already?  I'm gonna have to get crackin' on the next Game 4 Thought!  Ideally, I'd like to have them done at least two weeks in advance, just in case I go out of town or otherwise don't find time to write them.  If something more topical comes up, I can always delay one of the more general ones.  I just gotta get in the habit of coming here and working on them whenever an idea hits.  I do have a couple I've started, actually.  One of them I might have ready for this week, though the other one will require a bit of research and thought.  Looking at the post list for the blog, I noticed I had a really old piece I technically finished, but it's kinda sloppy since I wrote it a few years ago (damn, are all my posts from back then that bad?).  Still, I should be able to edit it into something presentable.

On that note, I really need to make more of a habit of coming here to work on my PADs more-often during the day.  Seems that over the course of the day (even while sitting at my computer on Firefox) I'll think of a dozen-and-one things I could talk about when I work on the next PAD, and then forget most of them when the time actually comes.  Still, that's part of why I'm doing these; to try and pinpoint bad habits and reform them into good habits.  There isn't much I can do when I'm out and about, but I should really break into the habit of pretty much always having a tab open to a new blog entry so I can, if nothing else, jot down notes.  When I'm out, I'll have to get into the habit of trying to keep a notepad on hand.  I need to start getting out of my own head and get used to living on a piece of paper.

Also, I'd like to encourage people to comment if there's anything they'd like to hear my opinion about or see me discuss.  Feedback in general is always appreciated.  The PADs are generally for my own benefit, but that doesn't mean I can't try and make them enjoyable for others to read.  Anyway, I think that'll wrap things up for today.  Thanks for joining, and I'll see you tomorrow.  Until then, game w- wait, is Spec Ops: The Line 80% off on Steam right now?  Hm... decisions are about to be made.  Wish me luck.

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