Friday, June 6, 2014

PAD #13:

After returning home from seeing Maleficent, it's time to blog a little before diving back into Wildstar.  My opinion?  Eh.  It wasn't great, but it certainly could have been worse.  I think my favorite character was the crow who acted as a spy for Maleficent, even if he was only included for the sake of giving her someone to talk to during the movie, almost to the point of acting like her conscience.  Probably the best part of the movie is that it doesn't really make Maleficent out to be an "anti-hero" as much as the trailers made it seem.  She was never fighting against some grander evil, but rather the movie portrayed her motives as being purely revenge-driven.  Still not sure how I feel about Maleficent being given a heart, but it does make for an interesting dichotomy; the original movie being things as told from the perspective of the royal family, and this new one being Maleficent's side of the story.  It's worth seeing, if nothing else.

There's an interesting interview with Todd Howard that should interest Elderscrolls fans.  During the interview, they talk about how he's in Germany right now because he's receiving a Lifetime Award from the LARA Awards, which is pretty awesome.  Though I think that the most interesting part of the interview was Todd mentioning how Morrowind basically saved Bethesda.  As he puts it, Daggerfall did well, but then the company "spread [itself] thin".  Not only did they release those little-known Elderscrolls spin-offs that didn't do well, but he also mentioned that there were projects that no one ever heard about.  So they merged with Zenimax, and that was the saving grace that let them create Morrowind and "go all in".  It's also great hearing a video game developer talking about the great things that you can do on the PC, and saying that he doesn't care that sales on consoles tend to be better because PC is just the best way to play their games.  He also mentions that the reason that they haven't announced their next game is because they're waiting until it's closer to being done, because they don't want to just trickle-out information.  They want to announce it and BAM, there's tons to talk about with it.  Still, fingers crossed that it's Fallout 4.  I would be all over that!

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