Tuesday, June 3, 2014

PAD #11: Stubbornness is a Great Scapegoat

I was at Half-Price today and spotted a few copies of Transformers Vault.  This is one of those gems I missed the first time around on account of me having not heard of it.  They were selling for only $15, marked down from the original $35, so I had to jump on that.  After checking Amazon and B&N, looks like I got a decent deal, too.  Even on eBay I was only able to find one listing at $15, but that guy wanted $15.80 for shipping!  Always gotta watch for that on eBay.  Meanwhile Half-Price wanted to charge me $1.06 in sales tax.  Lemme weigh my options, might have to sleep on that one.

Seems there's some controversy with Mario Kart 8, and I don't mean Luigi's death stare (I could YouTube videos of that all night if there wasn't Wildstar to be played).  I guess there's a bit of an exploit in the game where you can hop at the end of speed boosts so that you don't slow down to normal speed as quickly (basically, being on the ground makes you slow down faster than while airborne).  Needless to say there's an outcry of how this is going to ruin the online play, being countered by the opposing faction saying that it really doesn't give that much of an advantage.  At the end of the day though, if you're really that worried about winning, then learn to do it.  It's hardly "cheating" as most detractors say, and jumping is just a single button-press, so it's hardly a difficult thing to learn.  It's something easy that everyone can do, and anyone who cares enough about the game is likely going to be at least reading the forums, if not actively posting as well.  When you get right down to it, it's just something for people to stubbornly refuse to do so that they can blame it whenever they lose a match.  Maybe Nintendo will patch it out (since that's a thing consoles can do now), maybe they'll specifically leave it in even for future games.

Meanwhile, here's an awesome video of an awesome goat.  If you can watch this without feeling the need to comment about the amount of dust in the air, then I think it's safe to say that you have no soul.  It was included in Goat Simulator's patch notes, which were quite amusing.  You should give 'em a read if you're the kind of person who can have a sense of humor about that kinda thing.  Anyway, today's PAD is gonna be rather short.  C'ya tomorrow.

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