Wednesday, June 18, 2014

PAD #23: Introducing "Game 4 Thought"

I've been meaning to get this spinning for a while, and when I went-off on a bit of a tangent about something on yesterday's PAD, it prompted me to just crop it off and put it in it's own post.  As a result, I've decided to use it to kick-off an idea I've had in mind for a while:  Game 4 Thought.  The obvious pun being on the idiom "food for thought".  My hope is that I'll be able to get a new Game 4 Thought written every week, posted on Thursday mornings (CST).  The goal of GFT (since using the number for the acronym would make it one letter off from a television station) is for me to talk about issues in gaming that I feel are worth discussing.  Strictly speaking, it's an opinion column, so while I aim to try and keep things as unbiased as possible whenever I can, I'd be lying if I said that every single one is going to be completely on the fence.  Another aim is to perhaps occasionally play devil's advocate on an issue where I feel that both sides have a fair point, but discussions seem a bit unfairly one-sided.  This also means that I probably won't post PADs on Thursdays anymore, since the Game 4 Thought article will count as the "Post-A-Day" quota.

I watched the new Team Fortress 2 video today, it was pretty good.  Makes me wonder when they'll just do a full movie, I would be all over it.  Apparently it's part of some big update that's going to be coming pretty soon.  As a reference to the video, bread will occasionally spawn when a player teleports.  It doesn't do anything, and it despawns shortly after appearing; it's basically just there for giggles.  Having checked the TF2 blog, it looks like they've made the Day 2 announcement which features some new weapons, new bread-themed skins for old weapons, and of course achievements.  I haven't played TF2 in ages, so maybe I'll check it out with this update.  Always did want to join a community back when I played regularly, it's just more fun when you can actually get to know the people you're playing with instead of hoping into random servers with random people you'll never get to know.  It just makes the whole experience feel more hallow.

Thanks for joining me today.  I'll see you guys tomorrow for Game 4 Thought, and then on Friday for the next PAD.  Until then, game well.


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