Wednesday, June 11, 2014

PAD #17: E3 Leftovers

So another E3 has come and gone.  Still have a few things worth mentioning, though.  Firstly, I guess Nintendo decided to recycle Kirby's Epic Yarn with Yoshi.  The game looks okay, but I can't help but feel like a lot of the "neat" mechanics they showed-off in the trailer are mechanics that I already got my fill of in Epic Yarn (to the point where I'm pretty sure they're using a lot of the same sound effects).  Seems that if they didn't have any new ideas for the whole "yarn" mechanic, they should have held off for a while.  Still, the game could be interesting if the gameplay holds-up; though I doubt any Yoshi game will be able to hold a candle to Yoshi's Island.  I think the most impressive thing about the game is how the graphics look like actual cloth; as though the game was animated using stop motion.

So I guess there's going to be some dragon game on the 360?  Can't say I'm all that impressed, though.  Hopefully the game's advertising wreaks of "This is meant for kids", because that's honestly what the trailer felt like.  The way that the character had this playful (and annoying) whimsy about him while fighting, and how he puts his headset on while charging into a fight (ho damn guys, he's listening to his tunes, it's on now!)... the whole thing just feels like the kind of fantasy I might have had while I was eight.  Being meant for kids isn't necessarily a bad thing though, maybe I'm just annoyed that it's a game that I should be 100% pumped about, but can't really see myself getting into because of the blatantly-aimed-at-a-different-generation main character.  Though the worst thing about the game wasn't even in the game, but rather the poor guy who was forced to make the obvious "action on a whole new 'scale'" pun, meanwhile having to pretend that the Monster Hunter series doesn't exist so that the statement itself can be not a complete lie.

So I didn't notice back when I mentioned the game, but apparently Yager is going to have some involvement with Dead Island 2's development.  Hopefully they bring along some of their storytelling prowess to turn Dead Island into a game worth talking about.  Don't forget that these are the people who released a game who's gameplay would have left the game as forgettable, but then included a story that had such biting commentary on the very genre in which it was set that people couldn't NOT talk about it.  Still, they'd have Telltale's The Walking Dead to worry about; if they do try and release a zombie game with a deep story, the comparisons will be inevitable.  On that note, I looked them up and I guess they slipped a trailer passed me at some point during this E3.  It's a game called Dreadnought, and looks to be set in a sci-fi setting, possibly focused on piloting fighters, but it's hard to tell.  After Spec-Ops: The Line, though, this is a company to keep an eye on.  Will they continue to impress, or will The Line be their one moment of glory?

I think that'll do for E3 this year.  Though who knows, it might be all that anyone is talking about for a while, so I might have to talk about it again tomorrow for lack of anything else going on in the industry.  I guess we'll see tomorrow.  Until then, game well.

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