Friday, June 13, 2014

PAD #19: E3 Wishlist

It was a fun E3, but it couldn't last forever.  Still, there were some games I would have liked to hear about that didn't seem to make a showing.  For one, I was hoping that this E3 is when Bethesda was going to announce what they've been working on since Skyrim released a few years back.  Most likely it'll be Fallout 4, but at the same time it could be the next Elderscrolls title or even a new IP; though that last one seems the least likely.  My hope was for a Fallout 4 announcement, though.  Anyone looking through my archive will see that I spent quite a bit of time talking about Fallout, and the kinds of mechanics that I felt would be interesting to see in the future games.

I also think another Metroid would have been nice.  Not that I was disappointed with what Nintendo had to show this year, but the last Metroid we've gotten was Other M, and I really don't want to be right when I predicted that it's disappointing reception would likely lead to a dry spell for the series.  It'd be nice to see some more Prime-styled games, and are we forgetting that Metroid used to be a 2D sidescroller, Nintendo?  I would love to see a full-scale, console release of a side-scrolling Metroid.  A 3DS release would be okay, too, but I want to see one that doesn't need to get downsized to accommodate the smaller screen.  Something with the same glory and splendor as Symphony of the Night, probably the last side-scrolling "Metroidvania" game to see a full console release, and none of the handheld-based games have come close to it in graphical prowess or in sound quality.  I think it's time we see a change to the notion that side-scrolling games need to be handheld.

Killing Floor 2 was announced a while ago, so it would have been nice to see a little more info about it at E3 since it'll be released (Early Access) this summer.  Though I suppose I can content myself with at least knowing it exists since I'm already planning to get it at launch.  Something from Blizzard would have been fun, possibly some info on the next D3 or Starcraft expansion.  Though I suppose they have their own convention these days (which I'm going to) where they tend to make these announcements.  So yeah, I think that's mostly my E3 wishlist for the year; Bethesda's current project, and something Metroid-related.  There's probably more, but there's nothing that comes to mind at any rate.

Thanks for joining me for today's PAD, and I'll see you tomorrow.  Until then, game well.

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