Tuesday, June 24, 2014

PAD #27: The Things That Can Rob Our Thoughts...

I suppose it was inevitable that my wallet would fall victim to Steam's Summer Sale eventually.  Specifically, I got a game called Lyne.  It's a neat little puzzle game that I wishlisted a while ago, but never actually got around to buying.  I figure when it's 74 cents is as good a time as any to get it, and it was rather a good get.  The format is kinda unique, basically you have shapes on a grid (squares, triangles, and diamonds), and you have to connect all of the like shapes with a single line that cannot intersect itself or other lines.  There's specific start/end pieces, and it gets tricky when it includes the pieces that can be used as a connector for any shape's line, but needs to be used a specific number of times.  It has thousands of puzzles on its own, but then also has daily puzzle sets, so I'm sure it'll occupy quite a number of hours.

I also just got done playing To The Moon, though this wasn't a new purchase.  I got it a while ago via Humble Bundle, but just never got around to playing it until now (it's easy to get a clogged back-log with Humble Bundle).  It was quite a trip.  It's a short game, but that's because it's strictly about the story, and what a story!  It's a story about a man on his death bed, and he contacts an agency that specializes in altering memories so that the soon-to-be deceased can die with happy memories.  The two doctors arrive to learn that his request is that he wanted to go to The Moon, but that he doesn't remember why.  The bulk of the gameplay is playing as the two doctors as they use a device to travel through his memories Inception-style, gradually making their way backwards while they try and find a way to make his desire come true, learning more and more about his life as they go along.  The story has left in a bit of a pensive mood, to the point where I almost want to run it through again in the hopes that it'll get out of my system.

I'd maybe write a bit more today, but my brain is just stuck focused on thinking about To The Moon.  Maybe I'll go for a walk or something.  Thanks for joining me today, and I hope to see you back tomorrow.  Until then, game well.

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