Friday, May 30, 2014

PAD #8: New Look!

I got sick of that ultra-skinny template I was using before.  After skimming through a few, I think I like this one a lot.  Now my paragraphs look like paragraphs instead looking like the sidebar on a newspaper.  I might play around with colors and fonts later, but for now I like it.  Now to fire-up some music, been in a chiptunes mood, lately.

Seems there's a fair bit of controversy around Watch Dogs, which I guess is to be expected given the amount of hype the game received during the couple of years before its launch.  Long-story-short, the game isn't what Ubisoft said it would be.  Yeah, big shocker.  It does beg an interesting question though.  At what point do we draw the line between "the usual media hype" and "flat-out lying to their customers"?  The first warning sign was when Ubisoft showed-off some gameplay footage that had severely toned-down graphics compared to how it looked the year before, almost as if Ubisoft realized that the "Next Gen" consoles weren't going to be able to handle the graphics they originally had in mind.  Now the game is out, and there are videos comparing the game to GTA and videos that just look at the game on its own, and it's hard to deny that the game looks nothing like the "true next gen experience" that it was hyped to be, especially given that the reason for the game's delayed release was so that they could "win the next generation".  Instead, it looks like we just got a run-of-the-mill GTA clone that replaces the randomness of GTA with a hokey hacking mechanic that many criticize as being just a long-range "Use" button.

Read a bit more of All Hail Megatron today, and I am definitely digging it.  The most interesting part of the story so far has been the Autobots as they deal with trying to survive on Cybertron (which in this continuity, is basically a desolate wasteland that can no longer support life).  Meanwhile they also have to deal with the fact that they were betrayed to the Decepticons by one of their own, but they don't know who.  The reveal of who did it and why was an interesting twist, though astute readers will likely see the bread crumbs.  Also, Kup is a bad-ass, because of course he is, but he's just plain awesome in this story.  Haven't quite finished it yet, but I'm gonna have to track down some other comics from this continuity.  It's my understanding that another mini-series is called Maximum Dinobots, and there are just no words for that.  No words.  Maximum.  Dinobots.  Speechless.

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