Saturday, May 24, 2014

PAD #2: Days of Blunders Passed

As I said, I was hoping to go see the new X-Men movie today, and I did.  My thoughts?  Eh... it was okay.  I tried my damnedest to not let the plot bother me, but there were just so many times when I was stuck wondering about this or that inconsistency.  If you're not one to get too caught-up in the plot, then you'll probably enjoy it, since the strongest moments of the movie were when they tossed the plot aside to have an action sequence.  The crowning moment, at least in my eyes, being that movie basically said "Never say that creating portals is a shitty power".  Blink gets to indirectly kick a lot of ass during the future scenes; including one part in particular that you could be excused for thinking took it's queue from Portal.  Seriously, if you're a gamer, you won't be able to watch that scene without thinking "Now that's thinking with portals".  Given that we live in a world that would usually dismiss her powers as "lame" and not give her anything to do, it was a joy to watch her be awesome.

I guess that's something to be said up front... a little after the fact in this case, but up-front from this point forward at least.  I tend to be very critical of movies, and really just about anything.  At least more critical than the average person.  The slightest plot inconsistency can really niggle at me, so if the movie doesn't make-up for it in other ways, it can be the bullet between the eyes that kills the whole thing for me.  This isn't to say that I'm quite "Honest Trailers" or "Cinema Sins" stickler, I'm willing to allot some degree of leniency if the movie is good enough on the whole, or if it's a movie where I'm basically expecting the plot to take the back seat, like a sitcom where the plot is really only there because otherwise it'd be a stand-up skit. *Ahem*  In any case, I tend to hang on details that the average person wouldn't care about, if they even noticed it, is the point I'm getting at.  So if I absolutely slam on a movie, take it with that grain of salt.  I might be nitpicking at a detail that you won't give a crap about.  Case in point, I hated the latest Spiderman movie, most of my friends enjoyed it.  What can ya do?

I'm thinking I should start making it a point to keep a notepad and pen on me at all times.  Seems that when I'm not at my computer is when everything that I could be talking about tends to spring to mind, or made apparent to me.  Being able to scrawl it down and then reference it later when I'm actually able to sit down and articulate my thoughts seems like it would be a prudent thing to do.  Either that, or there's more than likely an app I can get on my phone that lets me jot-down notes.  It'd be a little on the slower side while I queue the app up, as opposed to the pen and paper being right there, but it'd probably be a little more discreet since most people would assume I'm just sending a text or some-such.  Meanwhile I could picture people seeing me scribbling in a notebook and insisting on wanting to know what I'm writing down.

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