Monday, May 26, 2014

PAD #4: Burning Garbage!

So last night someone decided to set our garbage bin on fire.  Fortunately they were thoughtful enough to first haul it to the middle of the road, otherwise our entire garage would have caught fire, and likely the tree that stretches over it, and then who knows where from there.  It was in the middle of the night (apparently around 4am), so I don't think the person (or people) who did it got caught.  So that's something that happened this morning.  Most likely, it's the same guy who's been starting fires for the past couple of years.  He does it sparingly enough, and usually in the middle of the night, so he probably won't get caught until someone actually catches him in the act.  On the plus side, I got Chocolate Malt-O-Meal yesterday at the store for old time's sake.  Made it this morning for breakfast, and it's basically as good as I remember it from when I was a kid (though admittedly it was usually CoCo Wheats back then; probably not much difference, though).  All-in-all, an interesting morning.

I learned, today, that apparently there's some controversy over the Farcry 4 cover image, because of course there is.  It's hard to say where it all started, as it seems a wide-enough opinion that just about anyone could have said it first, but I just can't say I buy it.  In my head, there's just a difference between overt racism, and depicting racism in a story (be that story movie-based, in a game, a book, or whatever).  I don't really see the Farcry 4 cover image as having racist sentiments so-much as the guy in the picture is a dick, and would probably be treating that other guy in the same manner regardless of his ethnicity.  Even some of the people who are taking Ubisoft's side are saying that they're at fault at the very least for not providing context.  Um... I think the context is pretty clear.  I think this is less an issue of Ubisoft needing to provide context (they shouldn't have to), and more an issue with the knee-jerk lemon crowd spouting racism at everything they can.

So it's been bugging me this whole time, and I finally figured out from which dark nether of my subconscious my mind found the title for today's PAD:  Futurama!  For a while I was thinking maybe Archer, but I couldn't think of which episode of that show it would have come from, when suddenly it hit me; it's the episode of Futurama where a giant ball of garbage was about to smash into New New York.  So now that's gonna stop bugging.  Maybe I should see if I can make that into a trend; naming each of my PADs after a line from Futurama.  We'll see.  I do have several seasons from which to draw.

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