Wednesday, May 28, 2014

PAD #6: At Least I Don't Have Allergies

Oog... This weather is really doing a number on my head.  Hard to focus much when you constantly feel like you're wearing a hat two sizes too small that you can't get off.  It's the main reason I hate the late-Spring/early-Summer transition.  For some reason that sudden shift to warmer weather just kills me.  That's still no excuse to miss a day though, so I'll do what I can.

I guess that LeVar Burton fired-up a Kickstarter to revive Reading Rainbow.  To keep it up with today's trends, he plans to bring it to the internet rather than to TV, which I feel is a smart move.  He also wants to create a version specifically for classrooms.  Normally I'd say that you should rush over and support it as soon as possible, but he apparently met his quota within a few hours of launching the campaign on Kickstarter.  By all means you should still donate (it's a good cause after-all), but the urgency of the situation is slightly lessened.  I don't have any kids of my own yet, but my siblings do, so it'll be nice to have Reading Rainbow available for them.

Google has a new car out.  I haven't read much about it, but I've seen some pictures and... it looks interesting.  It's small enough that I honestly don't know how well I would fit in it.  Still though, the idea of a self-driving car (it doesn't even have a steering wheel or pedals, from what I understand) it kind of amazing.  It's the kind of the thing that you'd never expect to see in your lifetime.  Hope for, sure, but never actually expect.  I'll have to do some reading on it to see how it works.  I also wonder if it'll be street legal without a steering wheel.  Having never been too much into cars, I don't really know what all is required (though I've seen some of the crazy designs that are actually legal); I would have to guess that "a steering wheel" is part of the list.

So Comcast has this commercial they keep playing where they say that they've changed for the better.  The commercial has a customer (inexplicably riding shotgun with the Comcast service guy) and asking how he knows that they've changed.  From there the service guy rattles-off a few of the new features they're promising, and the customer is clearly impressed (because otherwise it'd be a commercial for their competitors).  Erm... except that a list of features doesn't mean they'll actually adhere to them.  The commercial does close-off with the tag line "Hold us to it".  "Or what?" is my immediate response.  Cable companies have been pretty good about staying in their own borders, so what am I going to do if they haven't changed?  Switch back to dial-up?  Then again, I've long since realized that commercials aren't really for me.  Once you understand how commercials work, they just kinda stop working on you outside of just making you aware of the product or service in question.

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