Friday, July 11, 2014

PAD #36: Brief Hiatus

I haven't been finding the time to write-up PADs or even the two new columns I've been wanting to do.  The reason is plain and simple:  I'm busy sorting things out in real life.  Namely, while I do wish to find work in writing, I need something that can tide me over while I practice my craft enough that I can feel comfortable taking-on an actual job in the practice.  In the meantime, I need a job that keeps at least some cash flow going, so I've been trying to focus on that more, which has (ironically) left me with a little less time to sit and write.

With that being said, I also plan to post a little less frequently.  I want to try and focus a little on Game 4 Thought and Spoilerific, so if that means I only post a couple times a week, then so be it.  After-all, it's GFT and Spoilerific that will garner interest in this blog, where my daily PADs were mostly for my own benefit as practice.  Simply put, I think it's time I put that practice towards something a little more productive from now on.  I'll still post PADs from time to time, even though they'll no longer be the daily effort that the name implies; perhaps I'll come-up with a different meaning for the acronym.  Basically, PADs will be mostly the same kind of thing that they have been, me just talking about recent events.  Almost like elongated Twitter posts (something that I arguably should get into).

Anyway, just figured I'd get that update out there for what little traffic I get.  My hope is that I won't be gone too long, and when I come back, my posts should be more worthwhile to read.  So I'll see you when I'm able to post again, and until then, game well.


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